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R’Perspective: What are you?

“What are you?” These three words compose the single most-heard question I am asked by the people I meet. Despite hearing it so often,...

R’Pantry — a program necessary for fighting food insecurity

When battling an empty wallet and the ticking clock of a college schedule, it is often difficult to consider — much less prioritize —...

Free range chickens are parasite prone

UCR Entomology Professor Bradley A. Mullens and graduate student Amy C. Murillo have recently published a study in the Journal of Medical Entomology on...

WRITE OFF: In defense of roll call at the college level

With the amount of supplementary materials professors release online as well as the textbook, self-teaching may seem like a better option than showing up...

Why you should dislike the “dislike” button

When scrolling through the numerous food pictures, event postings and invitations that fill my Facebook feed, there is often that sad post regarding a...