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Video: 2014 ASUCR Senator Debates

Watch the 2014 ASUCR senatorial debates moderated by the Highlander’s editor-in-chief  Michael Rios. http://youtu.be/xOHYUu5hDnA

Construction equipment stolen from UCR

About $20,000 worth of equipment was stolen from a contractor at UCR last week. The theft took place sometime between April 12-14 at the Agricultural...

Torn political posters puncture ASUCR senatorial debates

With nearly 50 senatorial candidates running in the upcoming elections, independents and a handful of members from each political party — SIDE, ABC: A...

UC admits record number of students

Out of the record 183,272 students who applied to the University of California this past year, 86,865 students have been offered admission to the...

Napolitano holds Google Hangout session

UC President Janet Napolitano held another Google Hangout session last week. This time, the UC president conversed with UC staff members, answering questions from...

Video: 2014 ASUCR Executive Cabinet Debates

Watch the 2014 ASUCR ECAB debates moderated by the Highlander's managing editor Colin Markovich. http://youtu.be/A3brqDZ_1Kg

Video: 2014 ASUCR Directors Debate

Watch the 2014 ASUCR directs debates moderated by the Highlander's editor-in-chief Michael Rios. http://youtu.be/oPIut1eEOcw

ASPB criticized over ‘offensive’ fun house legs

A pair of artificial legs at the Adult Swim inflatable fun house, set up at UCR last week, was removed after university officials received...

Video: Student Reaction to Heat Cancellation

Students were noticably upset over the cancellation of the Heat music festival. Here's what they had to say:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImwvJNvutLU

Cancelled Heat concert cost nearly $600,000

$570,000 — that’s the reported amount that was spent on the cancelled Heat Music Festival this year. Of that amount, about $330,000 was paid to...