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Riverside, US
Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Tim Boba: Blending boba and studying in perfect, creamy harmony

Overall Satisfaction Scale Boba 7.5/10 Ambience 7.5/10 Food 7/10 Price Affordable   Boba has become the modern college student’s best study companion, rivaling even coffee: a motivation-boosting little treat that contains just enough sweetness to raise the morale and energy of any studier....

Roasting Water is aesthetically pleasing but fails to match up to local competition

Overall Satisfaction Scale: Drinks 6/10 Ambience 6.5/10 Price $4-5 per drink   In September 2018, when Roasting Water opened its Riverside location on Chicago Avenue (about two miles away from campus), bottles of fruit-filled and creamy-colored beverages began popping up all around...