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ASUCR: R’Pantry bylaws receive criticism, acting executive vice president presentations

The ASUCR meeting held on Wednesday yielded comments at the public forum segment about edits made last week to a clause in the ASUCR...

ASUCR approves food pantry bylaws

Members of ASUCR unanimously approved the passage of the Food Pantry Planning and Implementation Committee’s bylaws, bringing UCR one step closer to implementing a...

ASUCR leads diversity council for Costo Hall departments

Senators unanimously passed a bylaw chapter (XXVI) to establish a 12-member diversity council under the oversight of ASUCR to advance UCR’s Principles of Community...

ASUCR senators propose diversity council for UCR

A group of ASUCR senators is working to bring representatives from various ethnic and gender programs together in a diversity council that supporters say...
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