Highlander Newsroom 12/09/14

Highlander Newsroom 12/09/14

This week on the Highlander Newsroom, we discuss ASUCR’s unanimous vote of no confidence in the UC Board of Regents and UC President Janet Napolitano. We also chat about how we’re coping with finals and send off fall quarter with […]


Brittany Crain: Sitting down with the Big West’s top scorer

Being a starting guard for a Division I basketball team is no easy task, let alone being the fifth-highest scoring women’s player in the NCAA, but UCR’s Brittany Crain makes it look as easy as pie. Though she recently scored […]


UCR students “die-in” memory of police brutality victims

Nearly 60 bodies laid strewn on the floor of the HUB Plaza as part of a “die-in” event, which commemorated the lives lost from police brutality throughout the nation. Organized by African Student Programs (ASP), the Dec. 5 event recognized […]

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Can we stop writing laws so ineffectually they become useless?

Two years ago, Californians overwhelmingly voted Proposition 35, the Californians Against Sexual Exploitation (CASE) Act, into law, but the Ninth Circuit of Appeals on Nov. 18 overturned one provision of that law — the requirement for sex offenders to report […]


A Mosaic of Melodies: Student vocalists put on a pleasant show for family and friends

The Voice Studio of Dr. Camelia Voin hosted a concert Friday night to showcase the talent of UCR students as well as a few special guests. Doors opened around 7 p.m. and let in an audience that consisted mostly of […]

Campus Cope: Final meltdown

Campus Cope: Final meltdown

Preparation Winter break is the light at the end of the finals week tunnel, but first we must soldier on, bubble in those Scantrons and write in those blue books. Over the years it’s been helpful to accumulate some techniques […]

Highlander Newsroom 12/03/14

Highlander Newsroom 12/03/14

This week on the Highlander Newsroom, we discuss how we celebrated Black Friday (or didn’t), and touch on the protests in Downtown Riverside and UCR that have centered on police violence against African Americans. Be sure to catch the Highlander […]


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