Greek street food

Given that Greek Street Grill borders neighbor city La Sierra, some UC Riverside students might consider it a hassle to drive all the way to this restaurant for Mediterranean food. But when considering Greek Street Grill’s friendly service, tasteful meals and affordable prices, the relatively long drive to the newly-opened eatery easily becomes worth the trip.

Upon entering the restaurant, I was greeted by the smell of pita bread and kabob that instantly made my mouth water and stomach growl. The friendly cashiers welcomed their customers with smiles and idle chit chat, giving the eatery a friendly, welcoming vibe.

But the friendly service just scratched the surface. The food itself made this restaurant the quality grill that it was. The menu had a diverse selection to choose from, ranging from fries to shrimp and falafel.

Given the many options, I would suggest the three-dip and pita bread as the safest bet to choose from for those who remain indecisive. It includes three of the most popular Mediterranean dips — hummus, tzatziki and spicy feta — that accompany the sliced pieces of well-prepared pita bread in their perfect lukewarm temperatures. One of the benefits of having a three-dip dish is that you get to mix and match different combinations of the sauces. I found that combining the feta and the hummus gave the meal a sweet, yet tangy taste.

Another solid option is the grilled salmon sandwich, prepared with pita bread, sliced tomatoes, lettuce, red onion and grilled salmon. When I first bit into it, I wasn’t dramatically impressed, but I wasn’t disappointed either. The bread and the fish were really the only distinct flavors. The salmon was grilled and a bit crispy, which I generally love, but other than that, I can’t really say that there was anything particularly memorable about its taste. I had to add a bit of tzatziki just to compensate. If you do get a sandwich, I would suggest making it a meal. For three extra dollars, you get a small drink and your choice of two sides that include soup, salad, fries and rice.

The seasoned fries were easily the most addictive. Sprinkled with salt, oregano and just a bit of lemon, the fries packed quite a tart taste upon the first bite, which I personally enjoyed. If you’re one that prefers something sweet, I’d recommend dipping the fries in tzatziki sauce — it gives them that luscious flavor you’re looking for. Hummus or feta are also tasty dipping options. In all, one of the things that makes these fries so delicious is that they pretty much go well with anything; they’re pretty much impossible not to enjoy.

Another plus side of Greek Street Grill is its affordable pricing — you do get the most out of your dollar. The fries cost $3.99 and they’re served in a deep dish that will surely fill you up. Having said that, though, be forewarned that you will likely get a little more than you bargained for. You’re served so much that’s it’s hard to finish it all. Luckily, the restaurant has to-go boxes available if you get too full.

What else does this restaurant have going for it? For one, the wait for food is relatively short. Also, although the restaurant itself is significantly small, it’s very well kept and decorated nicely with portraits of Greek landscapes surrounding the tables.

Greek Street Grill is a perfect place to go for those looking to try something new this summer. Yes, the restaurant is located a little far from campus, but the quality food and service more than make up for the long drive.