1. The Bell Tower

The symbol of our campus, and it plays enough music to make Quasimoto blush in embarrassment.


2. Scotty’s Grill by Glen Mor

We mentioned they sell awesome burgers and sandwiches, right? You should go. Now.


3. Coffee Bean’s late hours

Sometimes you need a latte late at night. And for all those times, Coffee Bean has you covered.


4. Nooners

Few things are as awesome as seeing all of our clubs out at once. And there’s food!


5. The Barn

Indie music, spoken word, great food and more all in one place. And yes — it actually used to be a real barn.


6. The Botanical Gardens

Having a place with shade and greenery lets you transport yourself away whenever Riverside gets too dusty or smoggy.


7. The people

You can find anyone and everyone here. It’s pretty cool.



We’ll take this moment to shamelessly advertise our radio bit: Highlander Newsroom, Wednesdays at 9 a.m.


9. The San Andreas Fault proximity

Our Geology program rocks.


10. The Rec Center

Bigger than most gyms you gotta buy a subscription for, and it’s only getting better.


11. Quarterly concerts

Block Party, Heat and Spring Splash — no other colleges in the area throw concerts this big. Who says UCR isn’t a party school?


12. Our soccer teams

Some of the players go on to play in the big leagues. Check ‘em out.


13. Community service clubs

We’re one of the top-serving universities in the nation. It’s good to give back.


14. The researchers

We got research that studies immortality, finds the universe’s most distant galaxies, and creates “windows to the brain.” Beat that, MIT.


15. The Highlander Newspaper

Print has never looked finer.