67 elections violations reported by ASUCR judicial branch


ASUCR justices reported that 67 elections violations took place during this year’s ASUCR elections and over 30 strikes were handed out, according to Chief Justice of the Judicial Branch Davion Rowles. Most violations and strikes that occurred were regarding campaign posters.

“There are 67 violations that have been submitted and it is still possible that that number can increase,” said Justice Michael Deo. “One appeal has occurred, which was overturned. Last year, the amount of violations reported is not known to the knowledge of the judicial council as this is the first year the (judicial branch) has dealt with election matters.”

Of the 67 violations, the judicial branch received two appeals, only one of which managed to be overturned, according to Rowles. Due to personal matters, the judicial branch declined to provide details on specific cases regarding elections violations.


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