News in Brief: Free parking during finals


Lot 30, lot 26, lot 32 and lot 50 will be available for complimentary gold parking Monday through Thursday of finals week. Students will be able to register their license plates and information through the Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) website, print out the pass and put it on their dashboard. The offer is first-come-first-serve and will allow students to choose one day out of the week to utilize the offer.

“The last thing you want to worry about when you’re taking finals is parking … It’s a small but tangible benefit that will positively affect a lot of students,” said Michael Ervin, vice president of internal affairs. “It took months of lobbying … (for this) to be provided free of charge.” Vice President of Finance Shafi Karim was also credited for lobbying efforts on student’s behalf.

Gold lots are usually less than half-full during finals week, which is why they were chosen to be the designated parking lots. This was also enacted to ensure that students would not overcrowd the other lots available to those who have previously paid for a parking permit.

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