With the new quarter hitting us as hard as the rain, it can be difficult to get into the swing of things — especially if you have one of the dreaded 8 a.m. classes. After the long break, you may find it difficult to wake up on time, but hopefully these tips will be able to help.

The average amount of sleep you should get to be feeling your best the next day is roughly 8 hours, but your current sleep schedule might not be letting you do that. I have found that the easiest way to reset your sleeping schedule is to go one day with very little sleep; go to bed insanely late and force yourself to wake up horrendously early. This will exhaust you and help you go to bed earlier than normal in order to help you get up earlier the next morning. Naturally, this plan works best on a day when you don’t need to do many important things so I recommend implementing it on a weekend.


Another way to wake up on time is to set several alarms on your phone. Make them the loudest and most annoying noises or songs that you have in your arsenal. Nobody seems to be able to wake up to those chimey alerts that are preset on phones. The thing about the phone alarm is that if you keep your phone right next to your bed, you might be able to slap the snooze button before you really get up and going.

Get creative about your phone location: Put it across your room, on your bookshelf or hang it on a command strip hook above your head —anywhere you have to actually get up to turn off. If you really have issues getting up with the classic phone alarm you may want to invest in an alarm clock. The Internet is a pretty big place and has everything from clocks that won’t go off until you shoot them to clocks that roll around on the floor until you catch them and turn them off.

Reach Out

Now this is the absolute last-resort suggestion that is only a short-term fix: Ask your friends for help. If you have the most amazing kind of friends, they will help wake you up (e.g. call you in the morning, knock on your door until you answer, etc.). Again, this is a very temporary solution because if you ask someone to help you wake up constantly then he or she is definitely going to start saying no.

Waking up is arguably one of the most difficult parts of being a college student. How we managed to be in class at 8 a.m. for zero period classes in high school consistently is beyond me. Somehow, we need to get back into that mindset. The good thing about a sleep schedule is that it is a schedule. You get used to it and once you do, it becomes infinitely easier to consistently get up on time.