If you’re reading this issue of the Highlander the very day it came fresh out the printer, happy Valentine’s Day! In the midst of most national holidays being dedicated to historical figures and events, what a wonderful blessing it is to have one day of the year devoted solely toward the excitement of life, the motivation to get out of bed every day and the bloodline of human relationships: Love. However, the international celebration of amour is often met with criticism and distaste, as it does not accommodate for those without a soul to squeeze or pressures those not in relationships to jump into one.

No matter what your viewpoint on intimacy or partnerships or relationships is, there is no doubt that everyone celebrates February 14 differently. Single or not, there is an opportunity within this arduous holiday (and also Single Awareness Day, which is placed on the same day) that everyone can find a benefit from (hmmm … maybe like gaining a friend with benefits?). Let’s see how two of our Highlander writers view Valentine’s Day and how they individually reflect on the international day of love:

Erika Rico

Jon Hammond

How many years of your life have you spent having someone to celebrate Valentine’s Day with? This is my fourth year celebrating with my boyfriend, but five overall. Pretty much every single year since my freshman year of high school.
Have you ever been particularly angry on Valentine’s Day? Only when I didn’t have enough sweets. Five years ago I tried to make a reservation at a couple really fancy places but none of them would make a reservation for a party smaller than eight people. I was heated!
What are your Valentine’s Day plans for this year? Not much. I’m in a long distance relationship right now. We aren’t able to see each other because the holiday is on a Tuesday. We do plan to have a muffin anytime during the day, though. This year me and Sirena are making a picnic basket and taking it to the drive-in. We both love scary movies and junk food.
What is the worst Valentine’s Day gift you have ever received (doesn’t have to be a physical object)? The worst gift was getting broken up with a few days before the day. I’m pretty easy to please so I can’t say any of them have been bad.
Best restaurant to take someone (or yourself!) to on Valentine’s Day? A good sushi restaurant. Most sushi restaurants are super intimate in their seating and can give you room to make conversation. If your significant other hasn’t had sushi, it would be a fun new experience. I’d have to go with Italian food, and most Italian restaurants are set up pretty intimately seating wise. They also usually play romantic music if it’s an authentic restaurant.
Which artists does your Valentine’s Day playlist consist of this year? Definitely Michael Buble and Marvin Gaye. They can set the mood anytime. Also, maybe some T-Pain. Definitely Drake, Miguel, maybe a little Ed Sheeran too  — but Drake first and foremost.
True or false: I have been practicing a secret sex move that I will initiate on this February 14. Oh, totally. I hired male escorts to practice on (I’m totally kidding if you don’t see my sarcasm). Haha. Unfortunately I can’t say that I am.
What are you most self-conscious about around your partner? My stomach. He likes to tickle me after I eat and it’s hard not to feel self-conscious about it. I’m most self-conscious about making too many bad puns all night until she rolls her eyes so hard at me that her retinas detach.
What are you going to wear? We won’t be able to see each other this year because of distance. So, I’ll be wearing my best sweats and a big T-shirt. I’ll probably go with my trusty jeans and long sleeve button-up with the sleeves rolled up.
  • Ideal date spot?
Canada. Anywhere in Canada. Even the border is fine. I just love Canada. It’s my favorite country. The beach!
Your friend is going through a rough breakup because they saw their ex spending time with someone else on their Snapchat. What are you going to do this Valentine’s Day to cheer them up? Let them hang out with the male escorts I had (again, kidding). Keep them off Snapchat and just kick back with them just to take their mind off of everything. Likely a Super Smash Bros. tournament.
Best Valentine’s Day movie? Any suspenseful or horror film. Gives you chances to get close. “Split” is a great choice and it’s currently in theaters. “P.S I Love You” (directed by Richard LaGravenese).
Why is Valentine’s Day important? It’s important because all the Valentine’s Day candy goes on sale the day after. All the candy can become yours. Real talk: It’s not. You should show your partner they’re special every day.
Have you ever been a bitter-single on Valentine’s Day? Refer back to answer four. I have never been bitter, but I have been single.
Favorite Valentine’s Day memory of all time? My current boyfriend gave me this amazing butterfly necklace. He also gave me my first sushi experience and took me to my favorite place in the world: A bookstore. Actually the same V-Day that I couldn’t make a reservation was my favorite. We ended up going to a Yellow Basket (a small, greasy-spoon sit-down chain) in our home town and just laughed it off and talked for like three hours about the most random of things.