ASUCR Elections Guide 2018-2019: President

Diana Jekki – President

Diana Jekki, a fourth-year double major in political science-law and society and English, has a tremendous record in working toward bettering the lives of students at UCR. She has been accomplishing this through her strong moral character of respect toward students by her work in ASUCR as chief of staff for all presidential positions for over three years, and including her ability to be transparent with implementing policies that affect the lives of everyday students. As an Iraqi-American national, Miss Jekki is dedicated to serving the needs of students of all backgrounds. Her commitment to integrity is to ensure that all rules and laws are enforced accordingly and justice is served to those who break the law. Firm but fair, her commitment to students is her number one priority. Miss Jekki is just like you, a student who strives to become successful, happy and academically prosperous.

Semi Cole – President

Hello Highlanders! My name is Semi Cole and I hope to represent you as your next student body president. With the hope of opening the doors of our organization for fruitful collaboration and conversation, I want to inspire student activism and transformative action. By driving student engagement, I want to create a legacy of change and tangible improvement that we can all be proud of. As your president, I hope to be visible and conscientious of student concerns, breaking the traditional boundaries and having a presence in the community. Building a relationship of trust and accountability, I hope to continue my efforts of providing better basic need resources, improving our mental health services and creating more opportunities for students to get involved in shaping the campus community.

All candidate photos courtesy of ASUCR.

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