Dear Editor,

We are writing in response to the Highlander editorial regarding Chancellor Wilcox and the university administration’s commitment to ending sexual violence and sexual harassment at UCR. Put simply, UCR has zero tolerance for any form of sexual violence or sexual harassment on our campus.

Over the past five years, UCR established the first Chief Compliance Office to strengthen oversight of the Title IX office; drafted and implemented Title IX student, staff and faculty adjudication procedures; hired additional staff in the Title IX office; launched the Campus Advocacy Resources and Education (CARE) office; and increased campus-wide outreach, training, resources and support services.

The actions described above exemplify our campus’ robust and proactive commitment to ending sexual violence and sexual harassment. The #MeToo movement has given voice to many victims of sexual violence and sexual harassment. We strongly encourage all students, staff and faculty to come forward if they have experienced sexual violence or sexual harassment so that we can provide support and assistance. Our goal is to create a safe educational environment where all students, staff and faculty members can thrive and reach their highest potential.

If you wish to make a report or have any questions regarding sexual violence or sexual harassment, we encourage you to contact the Title IX office by phone (951-827-7070) or email. The CARE office provides confidential support services for survivors.

A complete list of available campus and confidential resources is available online on UCR’s Title IX website.


Mariam Lam

Associate Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion

Cynthia K. Larive

Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor

Christine Victorino

Associate Chancellor and Interim Chief Compliance Officer