Courtesy of Nasty Gal
Courtesy of Nasty Gal

Leather skirts. Leather pants. Leather jackets. No, I am not talking about the wardrobe designs for the upcoming “50 Shades of Grey” film adaptation. I’m strictly talking fashion, I promise. Now that winter is in full effect, leather is the perfect transitional piece for those cold winter days and even colder nights.


A continued trend from last season, the flared leather skirt is a definite must have for your closet. Now that chilly weather is upon us, nothing matches this piece more appropriately than an oversized sweater and sheer or opaque tights. You can also try a silk or printed blouse with a knee-length jacket (such as a trench coat) for a more sophisticated look, and add a skinny belt for subtle detail. ASOS is a great online store for finding a variety of options to meet diverse standards.


Leather pants/leggings are another staple piece for the new year. Top them off with a graphic tee and anorak or chunky knit cardigan for a chic layer of warmth. Finally, pair your outfit with flats or oxfords for a casual daytime look, and amp them up with colorful platforms or booties for a girls’ night out on the town.


James Dean knew a thing or two about how to rock a leather jacket. The perfect outerwear choice to toughen up any outfit, it is THE closet essential everyone should own. Now, when it comes to picking out your leather jacket, don’t be afraid to splurge. This baby can last you for years if you treat it right. My suggestion: go for black. It’s versatile enough to go with anything in your closet. Before making your purchase, try on different styles and sizes to make sure you get the fit you want. Some like their jackets a little bigger for easier layering, while others like theirs more fitted to their bodies. Urban Outfitters has a great selection. See which works best for you.

Don’t feel comfortable with wearing leather? Pleather is a wonderful and animal friendly alternative to leather, not to mention much cheaper. Remember, wherever there is leather, pleather is in close range. Whichever way you choose to wear your leather ensemble, you’ll be sure to turn heads.