Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Concerts and other large scale events have either been canceled or postponed due to COVID-19. Despite the fact many people have lost their jobs or have financial difficulty, Ticketmaster has said they will not refund ticket costs unless the event has been canceled. Ticketmaster has no moral right to withhold money from people in a time of crisis and should give their customers the option to ask for refunds regardless of whether or not the event they bought tickets for has been canceled or postponed. 

Even after states reopen people will still be struggling financially. If they feel as though the money that they spent on an event could be better used some other way they are entitled to that refund. Many people have lost their jobs and even though some counties and states have put pauses on mortgages and rent, tenants will still have to pay it back later. The financial situation people were in when they first bought tickets may not be the same one they are in now. They should be able to get a full refund for those tickets.

After months of being programmed to socially distance, wear face masks and flinch at every cough or sneeze, many people won’t feel comfortable being in close proximity with other people. A majority of concerts and sporting events have been canceled or postponed until 2021. Integrating back to the regular flow of life may prove difficult. If they don’t feel comfortable due to the anxiety created by the warnings given during this time, they shouldn’t feel forced to go to an event just because they will lose out on the money they spent otherwise.

It is within Ticketmaster’s best interest to show that they care for their customers, as this will keep people from boycotting their services down the line. Many companies have changed the way they conduct their business in order to cater to the needs of their customers. Disney and Universal Studios have stopped payments on their annual passes. The good customer service by these companies will be rewarded by their customers trusting that these companies have their best interest in mind.

Although a full refund would be preferred, keeping a small portion of the ticket resale would allow Ticketmaster to continue to pay employees. If Ticketmaster needs the money to pay their employees they should tell their customers that. They should at least have a program in place where they will buy back event tickets from folks, while keeping a small percentage of the profit to pay their employees.They should only take a small sellers fee so that their customers still have enough money to use as they need. 

Ticketmaster should give refunds upon request. The company’s refusal to refund their customers’ money conveys the message that they don’t care about their customers or their financial situation. By giving refunds during this time it would not only reflect well on them as a company, but it will make people want to buy from them in the future.