Statement begins.


Can You hear me, Eurydice?

i am coming for You.

The monsters from Tartarus chase me,

But i’ll reach You very soon.


Can You hear me, Eurydice?

Gone are the irises from Your eyes.

You used to smile a lot, Eurydice.

What happened to You?


Can You hear me, Eurydice?

The song of Spring draws nearer.

These cavern walls separate US, Eurydice,

But not for much longer.



i’m here.

Open Your ears and see.

Tell me You see me.

people will scream and shout and cry and wail and bawl and roar and shriek and whine, 

But, Eurydice, remember You are mine.

You are not alone anymore.


Statement ends.



I see you.

I see You.

I see YOU,

Orpheus —