Get ready for Spring Break, Highlanders! After the dreaded finals, papers and projects, there is no doubt that the majority of the student body will be making their way out of Riverside and looking for the best place to rage for an entire week. Over these last four years I have spent my Spring Breaks in various destinations, including parts of California and even Portugal. This year I have decided to set my sights on something reliable, relaxing and most importantly, affordable.

For those who are not keen on traveling across their own state, or are not California natives, then visiting the Redwood National Park is a must. You’re probably thinking, a bunch of trees on Spring Break? Well, for your information, they are some of the tallest trees in the world, but that is not the only reason to make a trek up to the Northern side of the state.

I like to fancy myself a true nature buff, so heed my words! For those of who like to camp, hike or indulge in some debauchery in the great outdoors, the California Redwoods are a majestic beauty. There is a gorgeous 133,000 acres to explore and it’s not going anywhere contrary to the constantly changing popular college Spring Break spots.

If you can imagine all that acreage, you know that is a lot to take in for a week. Do not fret, though, because no one expects you to see that much of the Redwood Forest. Although I do have some suggestions of which areas to set your sights on, such as, Jedediah Smith State Park, which closely hugs the Oregon Border. It is there that the depth of the forest can really be experienced while still remaining nearest to the ocean.

Why is that important? Well, the answer is simple. The deeper into the forest the louder you can be and the more you can get away with. The Redwoods are a great place to go if you’re looking for a secluded spot to travel to with a group of friends and where you can get rowdy or admire the wilderness. Just remember to bring a tent and the needed supplies, which is much more cost effective than staying at a hotel.

The Redwoods are not hard to find because they are some of the biggest trees in the world. They are also condensed about 12  hours away at the Northern tip of California, in the general Humboldt area. The drive may be longer than a flight, but you won’t have to pay for the expensive airfare. Especially if you travel with friends, it can be an absolutely unforgettable road trip. Plus, with a large group of companions, you can share the cost of food, gas and drinks, and put more towards your college tuition.

All the sights are free. There is no need to pay admission into a museum or night club when you are able to wake up in the morning and have your spectacular experience in front of you.

President Roosevelt did not save all of these National Parks for nothing, so make sure you take advantage of your history and the land of your country by paying a visit. All you need is a group of your best friends, a cooler full of assorted drinks and the equipment to get you through the entirety of your stay.