Courtesy of Tate McRae via Youtube

For the most part, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a standstill for people all around the world, but for young artist Tate McRae, that has not been the case.  Looking back on her roots, McRae began by focusing on her dance career and attempting to reach the national stage. Since the age of eight, she has competitively danced and has three national titles under her belt 一 quite the feat for someone so young. At the age of thirteen, everything began to change for McRae as she decided to go on the American television show, “So You Think You Can Dance?,” and the rest is history.

To really understand who Tate McRae is, we must first look at her origins and the parts of life that made the future face of music. McRae was born in Calgary, Canada, but as a child, her family often traveled, settling in the Middle East for a period of time. Her father received a job in the city of Oman, where they lived for three years before they finally resettled in Calgary when McRae was eight years old. Now back in Calgary, McRae began taking her dance life very seriously, and though she was not declared the winner of the American television show, it still catapulted her into the limelight. 

From here, McRae began posting her original written songs onto YouTube, writing about what was going on in her life and the experiences she was having as a young teenager. She explains how at the age of thirteen, she felt like she had a lot of content, like anyone that age would. After posting her first song onto the site, McRae was approached by 11 separate record labels in New York, eventually deciding on joining RCA Records. 

As life began to pick up and things started looking up, COVID-19 hit, and McRae was forced into isolation. Without any hesitation, McRae kept up her hard work and released her breakout single, “You Broke Me First.” The song was a massive hit, propelling McRae into the national spotlight during a period of time when the world of entertainment seemed to be on hold. 

Instead of allowing the pandemic to slow her down, McRae has only been increasing her infamy as she has released various hit songs and even her own EP titled, “TOO YOUNG TO BE SAD,” throughout the last year. Most recently, McRae appeared on a single featuring fellow artist, Khalid, which is an amazing summer tune to kick off the sunny season. At only 17 years old, McRae has already played at the European Music Awards and even performed for Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon. It seems like Tate McRae is here to stay as she continues to grow larger with each release. McRae has teased fans various times with hints to an album, and many are eager to hear the next big thing from her. Make sure you buckle up and strap in for Tate McRae’s journey as she becomes the next breakout star from up north.