I remember the first day after moving in. My mom and I had finally finished unpacking a bunch of stuff I didn’t really need, and at around 7 p.m. that night, it was time to say goodbye. When she left, me and my roommate sat in silence for four hours — the next obstacle: the dorm bathrooms. I put on my shower shoes and made my way to the communal showers, and with every step, I began to miss home more and more. 

After my uncomfortable shower, I climbed into the 6 foot tall lofted bed and tried to sleep. I laid awake for hours until finally knocking out around 3 a.m. The rest of the first week was very similar; I was trying to get my bearings and get used to being away from my family. The first time I went back for the weekend was like coming up for fresh air. I’m lucky: not everyone lives close enough to school to go back on the occasional weekend.

For the last 18 years, you have woken up and gone to sleep under your parents’ roof, so a bit of homesickness is entirely normal. College is a huge place, and chances are, most people are experiencing those same feelings as you are. A great solution to this is creating a support system. Find a couple of friends, and make new memories. Don’t spend too much time moping in your tiny bed; instead, spend time exploring college life with your new friends. 

Remember, your parents most definitely miss you too, and they are waiting by the phone eagerly hoping for your call. Calling your family and friends from home is a really easy way to ease those waves of homesickness. Tell them about your day, your new friends and your new adventures. If you live close to campus, spend a weekend at home, but try not to go home every weekend. Weekends are eventful in college, and for the ones who spend time on campus, surround yourself with friends to ease your feelings of loneliness. 

Homesickness is extremely typical in college, especially during your freshman year. College is your first time living away from home. Don’t let these feelings scare you away from the college experience. Make sure to surround yourself with new amazing people to keep you company and ease your mind from these feelings of isolation.