It’s week seven, and finals week is quickly approaching. Before you pull an all-nighter and take in a lot of caffeine, check out these tips on surviving finals.  

Create a study schedule 

It can be tough to balance classes and studying, so starting today, create a study schedule. Designate an hour or two every day to go over the information from your classes. Make sure that you specify which chapters or topics you are going to study every day, and try your best not to fall behind on your study schedule. 

Know when your finals are 

Right now, you can find out when all your final exams are taking place on UCR’s office of registration website. Add the time of all your final exams to your study schedule, and make sure to start studying for your earliest finals now so that you are not procrastinating and panicking the night before your exam. 

Eat healthily

Your body needs food to fuel it through the stress of finals week. Before your exams, make sure to have a balanced day of eating foods that power your brain. There is no perfect way to eat, but while studying and on the day of exams, try your best to take care of yourself: drink enough water, get plenty of sleep and have at least three balanced meals. Don’t forget the snacks too. 

Create a study group 

Grab a few people from your class, and create a study group. Studying with other people is hugely beneficial; you will have people to ask questions to in a stress-free environment. Don’t forget the saying, “You don’t know something until you can teach it to someone else.” Following this saying will allow you to recognize how much more studying you might need.

Take mental health breaks 

It’s so easy to put your health on the back burner during finals week and keep grinding through the night. Make sure to prioritize your mental health. Take lots of breaks when studying. It’s essential to keep your brain in tip-top shape, ensuring success on all your exams.