Post Malone and The Weeknd make an iconic first collaboration with single, “One Right Now”

It has been awhile since Post Malone has really released anything, as it seems he took a much needed break during the COVID period. After his Hollywood’s Bleeding tour for his album “Hollywood’s Bleeding,” Post Malone went into a hibernation period where he really didn’t post or have interactions with fans. As someone who is known to have a fast-paced lifestyle, it seemed as if he needed to recharge, recoup and possibly find inspiration for his new album. 

Courtesy of Nicolas Padovani via Wikimedia Commons under CC-BY-2.0

Being quite a private person, Posty typically doesn’t post on his social media accounts, usually keeping it strictly to promotional posts for his wine company or his music. If that is not telling enough of his testament to privacy, the fact that Malone has chosen to move away from Los Angeles to a private property in Salt Lake City, Utah, should speak volumes. It might be difficult to get a glimpse into his life, but Malone has now officially announced his return in a very large way with his dropping of a new single with The Weeknd. 

“One Right Now” marks the very first time that The Weeknd and Post Malone have ever collaborated on a song, and for both artists, the song is quite different from the typical style their fans are used to hearing. The Weeknd has been teasing a new sound with his most recent album, “After Hours,” and the ‘80s nostalgic beat that he has been using has continued with this most recent release. With Posty, this should not come as a surprise as he has continuously proved to be an individual who constantly changes the type of songs he chooses to do, but this truly is the first time that Malone has hopped on an ‘80s style beat, and it is an exciting testament for what is to come with his full album. 

The song sees both artists singing to a scorned lover who seems to be glorifying the fact that she has moved on with someone new. However, both artists give their significant others a taste of their own medicine as they boast their own various love interests. With the chorus line, “I got one comin’ over and one right now”, both Post Malone and The Weeknd are essentially telling their ex-lovers that they are perfectly content with their new lifestyles. Though they do express some pain when saying things like “Don’t call me ‘baby’ when you did me so wrong,” the song largely maintains its “two can play at that game” message. 

Posty usually doesn’t shy away from singing about his ex-lovers, but rather than lamenting his sadness like he usually does, this song serves as a reminder that he is doing completely fine in this life. For fans, this will be a song that everyone can easily relate to.

Looking towards the future, the release of this single means that Post Malone is back and ready to share a new project with the world. It has been three long years since he released a full album, and the anticipation has been killing his fans. With all the hits he has had, it is safe to say that Posty will present a new sound that his fans have never heard before.

Verdict: After a long period of silence, Post Malone fails to disappoint with his collaboration on “One Right Now”, with The Weeknd. The song’s heavy 80s pop influence marks a clear sign of return for Post Malone and indicates that he will be back and better than ever come the release of his new album.

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