Courtesy of Pexels

Netflix stock has plummeted and they announced their first subscriber loss in more than a decade. All of this points to their recent crackdown on password sharing and their executives announcing that they will bring on ads to the platform by the end of 2022. And although Netflix will keep an ad-free tier that people can purchase, it’s most likely that this option will be pricier and more people will begin to leave the streaming service. 

In comparison to streaming services like HBO Max and Disney+, Netflix falls behind in terms of streamable content. Aside from series like “Inventing Anna” or “Bridgerton,” Netflix fails to boast as many hits as its competitors. Many people in online forums believe that Netflix originals are bad and are hard to compare to big blockbuster hits like “Euphoria” or “The Mandalorian.” Although people are skeptical of the longevity of all streaming services, Netflix is the most in danger of becoming obsolete. It simply can’t keep up with its competitors, and adding advertisements as the cheapest tier option will be its downfall. 

As we move out of the pandemic, it’s important to notice the slow incline of moviegoers. Now that it’s safe to leave our homes, many people are starting to go to the movies again. Hits like “Everything Everywhere All At Once” and the new Doctor Strange movie have proven that more people are opting to leave their homes and watch movies in a theater. This doesn’t leave much room for all of the streaming services to continue going strong. Combined with Disney+, HBO Max and even Hulu releasing popular series, Netflix is left out in the cold. 

The future of streaming remains bright for most companies, but Netflix will soon become a thing of the past. People are not going to want to pay a fee just to watch content littered with ads. It is very likely that although people will be able to buy a tier that is ad-free, it will be more expensive and less worthwhile to the viewer.