Close to three years ago, Earth shut down and we found ourselves in a virtual world. This would enable the capitalization of streaming services as they rose throughout the pandemic. Since then, the production of quantity over quality, contractual bids for fan favorite and rewatchable content was a major TV fad. As restrictions are lifted, mediocrity is no longer tolerated as subscriptions continue to plummet and it is up to the streaming services to once again produce quality content. Here is a list of anticipated shows from the top streaming services that aim to retain viewership and bring in new subscribers.

“Last of Us” (HBO Max)
Video game adaptations have not been as successful as studios would have liked. Producers relied too heavily on the success of the medium and the nostalgia factor as a selling point. Thankfully all is looking well for “The Last of Us” as a show would be more fitting allowing for the plot to develop adequately without the time parameters films fall under. Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal have been perfectly cast as Ellie and Joel with the creative team behind the camera from the HBO Max series, “Chernobyl.” The show premieres on January 15th, streaming on HBO Max.

“Secret Invasion” (Disney+)
Plenty of Marvel content will arrive to Disney+ this year, but perhaps what stands out the most is the show “Secret Invasion.” One of Marvel’s most successful and complex comic storylines was originally expected to land as a film with talks of even an infamous phase in Kevin Feige’s slate. However, now it will arrive as an espionage show with darker tones than what audiences are accustomed to, closer to Netflix’s Marvel content. Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury will star with an expected Spring release timeframe.

“Gen V” (Prime)
On a different note, “The Boys” spinoff series “Gen V” is to be released “sometime between now and Dec 31!!!” according to the show’s official Twitter account @GenV. The spinoff retains the NSFW themes with a plot that falls somewhere between “Euphoria” and “Hunger Games.” This show could be the answer to the return of YA stories on the big and small screens and has a great floor to stand on after the success “The Boys” has racked up. If you are not familiar with the world of “The Boys,” this is not your average DC/Marvel content. Viewer discretion is advised.

“Ted Lasso” (Apple TV)
Season two left many cliffhangers when it aired close to a year and a half ago with the third season expected to be the last. “Ted Lasso” may be Apple TV’s best content in their streaming service, and has the awards and nominations to back that up. No release date has been announced yet, however, it won’t want to miss award season — a Spring release window is expected. Apple TV gives plenty of opportunities for free trials, so if possible, do yourself a favor and watch an American midwest football coach with the heart of an ace that can coach a professional real football team in the U.K.

“Avatar: The Last Airbender” (Netflix)
Yes, I am scared just as much as the next fan of the world of Avatar. It also does not help that the hope fans were given with the original creators being attached to the project left due to “creative differences.” The trauma M. Night Shyamalan left behind has not yet healed and that makes this perhaps the most anticipated show of the year let alone the budget per episode is $15 million. Netflix does not disappoint when handling important projects as such, but that is also the issue here: cancellation after one amazing season. A lot is riding on this show and will be breaking records without a doubt when released this year.