Everybody cries sometimes. Here are the best places to shed a few tears on campus.

The privacy of your own home 

If you live on campus, an empty apartment or dorm is a rare occurrence. While all your roommates are engaging in their daily adventures, in that one-hour time slot where no one’s home — but technically, you have class — take this as an opportunity to have an emotional outburst. Nothing beats a good tear-shedding in an unmade bed with a half-folded pile of clothes and the sound of Lana Del Ray blasting while you rehash every terrible thing that’s ever happened to you in your whole life. 

Glen Mor Mural 

UCR has deceived the student population into believing that multiple students came together to create a mural on the grounds of Glen Mor. As a Glen Mor resident, I personally have never seen this mural, nor have I encountered or interacted with any other Glen Mor resident or student who has witnessed the famed mural. Any brave soul strong enough to embark on the treacherous quest through Glen Mor village to find the mythic mural deserves a peaceful cry in this unknown land. After witnessing the beauty of this mural that no one has ever seen, any nomad would simply buckle to their knees sobbing, basking in its glory. This invisible mural will offer the perfect space for anyone willing to go on an adventure to cry about.  

Rivera Library (not Orbach) 

If you can sob softly, the library is the place to cry. The night always starts well at the library. You come in motivated, ready to work and tackle all the assignments you procrastinated on till the last possible second. The hours progress, but the assignment doesn’t. Chained to the table until all is complete, you can’t help but shed a few tears into the textbook you opened for the first time today, the night before the midterm, worth 50% of your grade. As you’re hidden in the endless stacks of books, away from polite society, forgetting how the sun feels against your skin, let the tears spill into the textbooks. 

Lot 30 

Picture this: you wake up late in a panic for that 8:00 a.m. lecture you cannot miss because attendance is 30% of the grade, it’s 6:50 a.m., and the commute to school is 40 minutes. Immediately, you hop out of bed, rush to get dressed, drive on the dreaded 60 freeway through the morning traffic, and arrive at campus with 10 minutes to spare. It is 7:50 in the morning, and now you are aimlessly driving around Lot 30, trying to find a single open parking space and nothing. The clock is ticking. All the spots are still full. You can’t park in another lot cause TAPS doesn’t sleep and will give you a ticket. The only option is to ditch the 8:00 a.m., turn on the hazard lights, and cry in the middle of Lot 30. Parking is hard. 

The back row of the lecture for that one class you really hate 

There are some classes you want to take, and then there are those classes you HAVE to take. Sometimes, the courses you have to take end up taking the most out of you. As you weave through the herds of lost freshmen, dreading every last step made towards this mandatory degree requirement, grab a little beverage before delaying the journey. You walk into class 10 minutes late with a coffee; everyone’s eyes follow as you hide in the back corner of the lecture hall. The slides are not visible at all, and all the professors’ words make sense individually, but together, they are incoherent to your uneducated mind. As you and everyone else around you struggle to grasp an ounce of the information spewed during this lecture, it is time to sob into your laptop. 

Glasgow Dining Hall

For some, the dining hall is where they grab mediocre pasta dinner and breakfast with their roommates; however, for UCR Dining Services employees, working a shift at Glasgow Dining Hall is a living nightmare. Searching for a place to cry while lost in the backrooms of the dining hall, well, look no further! The dish room is the right place to break down emotionally. Not only will no one be able to hear your sobbing over the deafening sound of the Industrial dishwasher and bustling kitchen environment, but once your secret sob session is complete, you can blame the red, puffy eyes on the chemicals from the kitchen. 

Enjoy your Scotty-sponsored sob sessions. Happy crying campers!