Imagine if you lost internet connection for 24 hours. Would you be able to collect yourself or would you fall apart? Technology makes lots of things easier in life, however it can make us less happy because of our reliance on it. Limiting time on my phone and laptop helps me pay attention to my surroundings and enjoy life more, so hopefully some of the methods below can help you reap these benefits too! 

Eliminate Distractions 

Personally, I have found it helpful to delete any games and social media apps off of my iPhone. What you don’t see can’t hurt you! There’s also ways to set time limits on apps in the settings of certain phones. This could be helpful to those who would prefer not to go “cold turkey” on technology; I know I wouldn’t be able to completely cut my phone off. In summary, removing digital temptations from your sight makes it easier to forget them!

Keep Your Hands Busy 

Filler activities are a great way to focus when the mind wanders. I know I have a tendency to get distracted by shiny things, so during exam season, I always have a book to study from in my hand. This gives me less time to think about how much I miss my phone. It’s always helpful to have a plan B just in case you can’t find a book; my favorite idea is journaling! When I journal, my stress and urges to grab my phone float away as I jot every thought down, so hopefully this can help you stay on track too!

Swap Digital for Analog

Instead of typing busily amongst laptops, students can use a pen and paper instead. Those hand muscles will be revived from a long break, but the cramps will be worth it to step away from your iPhone. Some students also have a planner that stays in their backpacks at all times. Planners may require a bit more heavy lifting, however it’s worth the satisfaction when crossing out those tasks. I love to use colorful highlighters and pens – who could say no to eye-candy!

By following these methods, you too can live a more tech-free, happier life!