A boo basket is a gift basket containing small gifts and sweets to celebrate your partner and the Halloween season. October is the perfect time to surprise your significant other with this boo-tiful gift, but how should you go about making one? 

The first suggestion that I can give you is to choose a theme. This theme will be the starting point for finding the perfect gifts and treats to include in your basket. To go about choosing a theme, you may want to consider your partner’s preferences. Determine whether or not they prefer the fall season versus the Halloween holiday, what their favorite colors may be, etc… Some examples of themes to consider are; Halloween Spa Night, Cozy and Warm, or Spooky Movie Night! 

  • For a Spa Night theme, try to find Halloween or fall-themed face masks, bath bombs, exfoliating and moisturizing creams, body scrubs, or nail polish. 
  • For a Cozy and Warm theme, you could include fuzzy socks and a soft blanket or sweater. 
  • For a Spooky Movie Night theme, you could include things like popcorn and DVDs. You could even make a game of picking your movie for the night by including slips of paper with horror movie titles on them to randomly pick from.

These are only examples of themes to use, but this basket is your creation and you can make what you want of it. 

The next thing you should do is to find something to hold your gifts. This will preferably be a basket but it can also be a bag, a box, or even a bucket. This container should mimic the theme or aesthetic of your vision for the boo-basket. A tip to make it seem more aesthetically pleasing would be to have a container that will “show off” your items, which is why the basket seems most appropriate. 

Before filling your basket, decorate it the way you like, whether that be adding stickers, painting, adding fabrics at the bottom or lace on the borders, etc… This decoration step is optional but it personalizes the basket even further. 

The best — and most important — step is to fill your basket. Some things that you may want to consider adding can be candy and chocolate. Once again, these treats should be tailored to your partner’s tastes. Choose their favorite Halloween candy, chocolates, cookies and snacks to add to your assortment of treats. You should also consider adding gifts like fall-scented candles and soaps, flowers, plaid blankets and sweaters to fit the cozy fall vibe, fuzzy socks, Halloween pumpkin decorations, Halloween-themed jewelry, mugs, matching pajama sets, cologne or perfume, card games, or even a gift that your partner has been wanting to get for themselves for a while. 

To make this basket even more heartfelt, you can always add something handmade. Play to your strengths! For example, if you are someone who likes to sew or knit, making a bag or blanket will make this gift the most special of them all. If you like arts and crafts, decorating a picture frame or candle may just make this basket even more memorable. To make this gesture even more meaningful — if you think the basket itself isn’t enough — you may consider adding a handwritten note or letter coming from the heart. 

Making your boo-basket is a project full of love and appreciation for the person on the receiving end of it. Whatever the outcome of your basket may be, the gesture is the most important part of this project as it will undoubtedly make your partner smile.