courtesy of pexels
courtesy of pexels

Being someone who is easily scared, but wants to enjoy Halloween, is not easy. After seeing TikToks of people at Halloween-themed amusement parks and hearing my friends talk about all the scary movies they’re going to watch, I can’t help but get a bit of FOMO. There are so many people around me that absolutely love Halloween, and I always feel like I’m not doing enough to celebrate the spooky season. But there is hope for us! Here are some Halloween-themed activities I have done over the years that are perfect for my fellow scaredy-Highlanders out there. This is for the people who are trying to enjoy Halloween without the tricks and with all the treats!

Watch scary movies with a companion (or two)

Ever since the trailer for “Annabelle” popped up on TV when I was nine, I had been deterred from watching scary movies even if some of the plots intrigued me. However, having a companion to hide under the covers and cuddle with while watching a scary movie makes it so much more enjoyable. It’s always nice having someone there to comfort you if things get a little too spooky, making it a perfect — platonic or romantic — date idea! You could also gather a group of friends to huddle together and watch with. Recently, I was able to watch the entirety of the iconic horror movie, “The Ring,” thanks to some of my closest friends watching with me. Nine-year-old me would have been shocked!

Watch non-scary Halloween movies

If you don’t like scary movies at all, there are plenty of non-scary Halloween movies out there. You’re never too old to watch “kid’s movies” — don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! My personal favorite when I was a kid was “Halloweentown,” and I can’t wait to rewatch it this Halloween.

Watch play-throughs of scary games

This is especially aimed towards my fellow nerdy scaredy-cats out there. One of my favorite things to do during this season is binge watch my favorite YouTubers playing my favorite scary games. Personally, it’s much more fun and much less frightening to watch someone else play a scary game than playing it myself. From Markiplier playing “Five Nights at Freddy’s,” to Dan and Phil’s Spooky Week, to Slimecicle playing “Little Nightmares,” there are so many YouTubers you can watch and even more scary games to choose from.

Wear a costume

So you might be sick of being told to watch things, and you’d rather actually do something this Halloween. What better way to celebrate Halloween than to actually dress up for it? Sure, you might not go trick or treating anymore, but what’s stopping you from wearing a costume? Nothing! There is no pressure to wear a spooky costume that will scare you every time you look in the mirror. Not only should you wear something that you actually feel comfortable with, but you should also wear something that you actually like. Choose a character, a celebrity, an object, an animal — anything your soft soul desires! Go out and take cute photos, or don’t and dress up just because you want to. As long as you have fun with it, that’s all that matters. 

Eat candy

Maybe you don’t want to go out at all this Halloween for fear of being jump-scared — that’s completely okay! You can still treat yourself by purchasing a bag of Halloween candy to enjoy in the comfort of your own room. You can also save money by waiting until after Halloween when all of the candy goes on sale. Heal your inner child by getting your fair share of sweet treats this season without having to go from door-to-door to haunted-looking houses with those scary bowls that move when you try to grab a candy.

Carve a pumpkin

I haven’t carved a pumpkin in a long time, but for the creatively-inclined, this may be the perfect Halloween activity for you. If you want to be fully immersed this Halloween, visit a pumpkin patch and choose from the plethora of pumpkins. Bring one home to carve to your heart’s content, and display your Halloween spirit with a jack-o-lantern! However, if you live in a shared space like I do, make sure to let your roommate(s) know that you’ll be making a bit of a mess. Or hey, you can invite them to join you, and you can get your hands dirty together. The scariest thing you’ll have to face during this activity will probably be the pumpkin guts.

Happy Halloween, my fellow scaredy-cats! I hope I helped you gain some idea as to what you will do for this spooky holiday.