Growing up, we were told to adhere to the phrase, “less is more.” Well, in the case of the latest prints trend, the more the merrier. The latest take on predictable springtime designs can now be found in vibrant and attention-grabbing tribal, tie-dye, geometric, checkered and tropical prints. Drawing inspiration from African and Asian cultures, bold prints are anything but subtle. From Proenza Schouler to Derek Lam and Bottega Veneta, these formerly unconventional prints are this season’s must-haves.

Print Me: An all-print, head-to-toe ensemble is the fiercest way to go. Ladies, take the plunge in an all-print dress. Gents, a tailored print suit jacket-and-pants combination is perfect for you. To maintain a flawless look, stick with the same all-over print. Neutral-colored prints are perfect for those who want to experiment, but may be too intimidated to fully take the plunge. Use a statement accessory such as a solid-colored belt to divide up the chaos, but make sure to minimize other accessories. Your outfit is surely loud enough.

TIP: Wear solid-colored shoes to avoid a clashing overload––preferably in a color already presented in your ensemble.

One Print at a Time: If you’re hesitant about the all-over print approach, remember the importance of baby steps. Guys, a printed bomber jacket or lightweight sweater––paired with a monochrome outfit in the same color scheme––is key to helping you look stylish without seeming like you’re trying too hard. Ladies, start off with some printed trousers or flare skirt and pair it with a colorful tank for a bit more edge.

TIP: Printed accessories such as snapbacks or satchels are also subtle, yet equally fashionable alternatives to tackle this trend. Try out funky, calf-high socks with your loafers or booties for a stylish surprise.

Prints on Prints: If you’re more on the daredevil side, try combining unlikely prints into one outfit. By mixing and matching different patterns, you utilize more closet pieces, giving yourself more fashion options. Choose one piece that is the main attraction; you don’t want your prints competing with each other. Try out stripes in a neutral or muted tone with a floral or polka dot print for a quirky combination. You can also never go wrong with prints in black and white. These colors prove harmonious together, giving you one less thing to worry about when conquering this fashion challenge.

TIP: Limit your print mixing to two pieces––any more and you could end up look like a hot mess.