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Finally, Titanic part two

While some people may think of the Titanic as a big ship splitting in half and killing many people, others think of Leonardo DiCaprio...

College education for prisoners

Since the 1990s, prison education programs started getting shut down due to federal and state legislators cutting funds. So, the college degrees awarded to...

Now we can all be Barbie dolls

When I think of a Barbie I think of a skinny, tall, blonde and busty doll. They are made so unrealistically that only a...

A confused face is a great meme

For years, memes have been swarming all over social media either to make people laugh, to make a smart remark or just as a...

RIP Heat; Unfortunately, we say hello extra-long Spring Splash

Correction on 1/25/2016: No final decision on the status of Heat being a two day even or one day event in Spring Quarter has...