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Student Spotlight: Natalie Shevchenko dances to her own beat

"I was really scared at first," Natalie Shevchenko, a first-year undeclared student reflected on the first time she entered a dance studio at the...

Black History Month begins with a bang

Riverside’s winter weather proved to be not so wintry once again as a much-too-warm 80 degrees persisted on Wednesday afternoon. Highlanders dashed off to...

Laugh more!

We’ve all heard of the saying “laughter is the best medicine,” so what better way is there to trample our stress than to attend...

What’s Appenin’?

There is generally an app for every aspect of our lives nowadays, so why not incorporate them into our educational endeavors? Many may find...

Oh what a relief: Stress Relief Campfire

Zombified students gathered in the dozens at the Stress Relief Campfire last Thursday evening as they sought to alleviate their stressful burdens of upcoming...