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R’Perspective: Life lessons from the bus

At first glance, the bus system appears to be a bland facet of American life, ­­a common source of transportation for many Americans whisking themselves...

S.A.V.E. me from the friendzone

  As a guy in college, I’ve had plenty of time to interact with girls and seek relationships. However, nothing stings more than when a...

Two rights make a wrong

For the last year, up until he dropped out of the race a few weeks ago, Ted Cruz had been considered a viable candidate...

Up In Smoke: Anti-smoking policies will never work

In a recent announcement, the federal government and the state of California decided to take significant measures against tobacco and tobacco-related product consumption among...

Donald Trump: In defense of the outlandish

It has become clear that Donald Trump is going to be a dominating figure as the upcoming primaries loom ahead. Trump’s boisterous personality, in...