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Under the Kilt: reflections of a recluse

Martin Lopez / Highlander Reserved, quiet, introverted; however you paint it, there’s the handful of us that can...

Campus Cope: navigating the virtual school environment

Courtesy of Pexels There’s much adjusting to be done as the academic landscape turns virtual. Traffic on the...

Bee Healthy with Your Honey

A week on being sweet with yourself and others, sans the sourness Sofia Bautista / Highlander

Campus Spotlight: PODER

Co-chair of PODER wishes to uplift the voices and aid in the struggles of the undocumented, through her story

Persian Poetry and Prose opens IRANspiration

IRANspiration week started on Monday, Jan. 27. Students piled into HUB 377, picked up sandwiches and took seats for a lecture presented by Dr....

Working for Friends

Beneath the solar panel shades of a Coffee Bean table sat Herm, finishing as much homework a student could an hour before the deadline....

Highlander Con

The HUB’s third floor was crowded by hundreds as Highlander Con began last Sunday, Nov. 17, at 11 a.m. Hosted by Highlander Gaming (HLG),...

Spooky Season: The Arches

Fifteen pairs of white T-shaped support beams holding up glorified concrete awnings. The Rivera Arches … they’re pretty ugly. School brochures run it off...

Fall Flavors: Pumpkin Spice Muffins

Muffins tend to take the backstage to pastries and other baked goods; nothing compares to the festive nature of cupcakes or the corner shop...

Campus Cope: Riverside Recreations

Even if the academic year has just started, you’re going to need a bucket list of things to do when it’s time to unwind...