Courtesy of Monica Uppal, Elisa Yen, Matthew Womack

UC Riverside students Christopher Lee and Regan Moore remain hospitalized after their involvement in a car accident that occurred on the weekend of Jan. 14. In the aftermath of the accident, the students of UC Riverside joined together to hold a candlelight vigil and numerous fundraising activities, the proceeds of which will be used to support the students’ medical expenses.

On Jan. 18, over a hundred students and members of the UC Riverside community, including Chancellor White, met at the Bell Tower for the vigil. Chancellor White shared his reflections in his Friday email, stating, “Hope. Community. Unity. Those three elements were so profoundly visible that chilly Wednesday evening…and when we gather together in really dark moments to provide support and encouragement, it makes me proud to know the strength of our community is genuine and strong.”

Bracelets featuring the message, “Don’t Stop Believing,” were sold during the event to raise money. Other fundraising initiatives included events at the Substation and Getaway Café, each hosted by a Greek community.  Lee and Moore were both heavily engaged with their campus and local community as part of their involvement with Sigma Phi Epsilon and Gamma Phi Beta, respectively.

Regan Moore’s family has set up an account on which allows viewers to make tributes, express themselves through a guestbook and remain updated on Moore’s condition via journal entries. Moore’s family has provided numerous updates on her condition—especially regarding her intracranial pressure (ICP)—throughout the past two weeks. “ICP was down most of last night, but we must pray for low ICP still.  Her CT scan looked good too. They say with every step forward, we might get two backward…but I know Regan is a fighter and determined,” said Moore’s mother in a post made on Jan. 24.

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, normal results for ICP ranges from 1 to 20 millimeters of mercury. Updates on Jan. 24 revealed that Moore’s ICP is “trending around 20”—news which friends and family have graciously welcomed, although continued decreasing of ICP is anxiously awaited. “Now that [the ICP] is at 20, I want it to be at 10,” expressed Moore’s mother on a journal entry.

According to a post on a fundraiser’s Facebook page, a CaringBrige account would soon be made for Christopher Lee. Supporters of Lee and Moore have taken to expressing their words of hope and prayers on the Facebook page. “There is nothing more powerful than the power of prayer. Please keep these two beautiful students in yours,” said one Facebook user.  Others have posted photos with the “Don’t Stop Believing” phrase, which has since become an unofficial motto shared by the families and friends of Lee and Moore. “Let’s show all of our love, stay hopeful, and don’t stop believing!” said one student.