The NBA commissioner David Stern pulled off the biggest bombshell out of all the craziness in the world of sports by reversing the Sessions deal. Stern actions prove to eclipse other sport headlines which consisted of the NCAA banning sport idioms, Magic Johnson selling the Dodgers back for five bucks, and Jeremy Lin leaving the Knicks to playing wide receiver for the Jets. The Lakers acquired their long sought point guard in Ramon Sessions at the NBA trade deadline a couple of weeks ago, having to give up Luke Walton and a first round draft pick.

The reason Stern might have reversed the Ramon Sessions trade was because the Lakers were winning again with Sessions and that upset Cavs owner Dan Gilbert. Sessions, who had great showing his first couple of games in the Lakers uniform, made Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak look very good in the trade, especially after the disastrous Chris Paul deal, and the Derek Fisher trade that made most fans question Lakers’ management royalty.

Hearing Stern might be voiding the trade, Kobe Bryant promised to lower his shooting percentage dramatically, but that was not good enough for Stern. As a result, the Lakers will once again have Luke Walton riding the bench.

I honestly think this will help the Lakers out, as they need Walton to keep that bench nice and warm, especially with Coach Mike Brown benching star center Andrew Bynum, and also sitting down Kobe Bryant in one game.  The Lakers’ bench drastically needs the best benchwarmer in history, Luke Walton, with their star players sitting down more often. There is no news whether the Lakers’ management will try to appeal the league actions, but a source close to the Lakers said they might protest by playing Metta World Peace the whole game.  My advice is that the Lakers look for another point guard, just not via the trade route.