Seven “DON’Ts” for a stress-free freshman year

DON’T force yourself to go to the gym every day

Courtesy of Flickr
Overdoing your gym routine can lead to burnout, stress and many other health problems. (Courtesy of Flickr)

Most colleges offer gym access either on campus or relatively nearby and free of charge, a convenience for many students who want to stay fit. Some take it a step further by planning to go every single day. However, keep in mind that you’re a college student. You’re going to be plummeted with tests, extracurriculars and the inevitable longing for down time by week three. Be smart and know how often you’ll actually be able to go to the gym; otherwise, you’ll end up like one of the many lost souls who ambitiously plan out a daily workout routine only to end up tiring out after a week and giving up entirely (*raises hand*). It is important to go to the gym or get some form of fitness regularly, but it shouldn’t be consuming to the point of neglecting your other priorities or growing even more stressed out: That can be unhealthy.

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