Seven “DON’Ts” for a stress-free freshman year

DON’T worry about planning out all of your extracurriculars

Courtesy of Pixabay
Don’t start freshman year with everything written out — chances are, your plans will change as you delve deeper into what the campus really has to offer. (Courtesy of Pixabay)

I’ll give you some insight based on my first year as a freshman — I started off knowing exactly what I wanted to do and every club and organization I wanted to join. I even took the time to sit down, grab a notebook and write down a list of each one’s contact information, meeting dates and everything but ended up joining none of them when the school year started. You see, as you become more acquainted with who you are as a college student and start exploring the campus yourself, you will eventually find where you belong, save from the often misleading or inaccurate information about student organizations that you find online. As much as you might want to prepare for your extracurricular activities in the summer beforehand, finding your interests is just not something you can do without experiencing the energy, people and vibes of an organization in person.

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