Seven “DON’Ts” for a stress-free freshman year

DON’T worry about skipping a day of studying

Courtesy of Pixabay
Overdoing your gym routine can lead to burnout, stress and many other health problems. (Courtesy of Pixabay)

No one wants you to know this tip because truthfully, it sounds bad to permit someone to ditch their notes a few times a week and take a break from a class. However, if the teachers are too afraid to say it, we will: You are allowed to skip several days of studying for a class! With college being a giant montage of responsibilities, there is no way you can keep up with studying for every single class, every single day of the week — at least not without severely stressing yourself out. In fact, a majority of students can only study a week before a test or even the night before and still get an “A.” With there being so many resources available — primarily class lectures, discussions and sometimes extra credit opportunities — you should be able to let yourself loose more than a few times a week, depending on how well you take advantage of these offerings.

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