Seven “DON’Ts” for a stress-free freshman year

DON’T beat yourself up if you are not close with your roommates

Courtesy of Flickr
Some students often go days without seeing their roommates. (Courtesy of Flickr)

Okay, so you’ve passed freshman orientation knowing you’ll probably never see 99 percent of the people from it again. Now, you are ready to meet people you will actually keep in contact with: Your roommates. Many first-year dormers assume their roommates will be the most important people they’ll meet because they will be sleeping in the same room together, waking up to each other’s groggy faces every morning and spending plenty of time with one another otherwise. However, like freshman orientation, unless upon having a requested roommate, your roommates are only people you are arbitrarily paired up with to share a residence with and nothing more. In fact, you probably won’t even be spending most of your time with them (many freshmen dormers will attest to experiencing periods of several days in which they do not see their roommates at all). As the school year furthers and you begin to explore the campus beyond the dorms, you will certainly meet people you share common hobbies, majors or dispositions with as you begin to discover these personal interests yourself. That isn’t to say you should not be close with your roommates — by all means, keep in good terms with them — but it is to say that you shouldn’t let yourself be down emotionally if it turns out that you aren’t as close with them as you anticipated.

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