As rainy weather arises and the chilly winter season is finally here, many students struggle to prevent themselves from catching the cold or flu. With the ongoing Coronavirus, Delta variant, and newly detected Omicron virus, it’s hard finding ways to keep your body healthy to fight off these viruses while trying to maintain a successful academic year. Here are a few tips to keep your body healthy during the Winter season. 

Drink hot tea

As the weather begins to fall below 50 degrees, it’s hard to get up from your warm and cozy bed. Having a nice cup of hot tea with lemon first thing in the morning can help start off your day. Drinking a cup of hot tea can help prepare your body and mind for the materials you are about to learn in class. For those who have multiple classes a day, taking five minutes of your morning drinking tea will improve your well-being before traveling to your classes. 

Eat Vitamin C

Eating Vitamin C is found to have beneficial health effects in those who are diagnosed with severe illnesses or infections. Eating lots of citrus fruits, tomatoes, and potatoes can help improve your immune system. You can also find Vitamin C caplets at your local pharmacy.  

Time manage 

School can be stressful sometimes, especially during midterms and finals season. By having an agenda or calendar, you can manage your time for homework, classes, on-campus and off-campus activities, work, and personal time. Although this may not work for everyone, it’s a good start to managing your everyday activity and goals. A Google calendar is also helpful for those who are always on-the-go.   

Continue to maintain social distance 

With the recent surge of COVID cases and newly discovered viruses, students should take precaution by socially distancing themselves from those who may be sick. Staying at least 6 feet away can help reduce your chances of getting sick.  

Take a moment to stretch or workout 

Although classes are expected to return in-person, some classes have switched their lectures and discussions back to remote learning. With some students having multiple classes online, it’s easy to just stay in bed and attend lectures right before class starts. Taking five minutes of your day to stretch and walk around your room can help your body and mind become more active and motivated.