On Thursday, Feb. 24, ASPB hosted Sound Clash, an annual music competition available to all genres. In a captivating display of Highlander talent, five artists competed for the chance to win a paid performing slot at ASPB’s Spring Nooners. The event was held in the HUB plaza, where they provided food, drinks and an all-around fantastic time. ASPB also asked a plethora of trivia questions and offered prizes such as a free T-shirt to those who answered correctly. 

First up on the chopping block was third-year business major, Adonix; the name may sound familiar because Adonix made his debut at ASPB’s Bonfire in November 2021. Adonix drew the crowd in with his opening number, “Made in France,” and kept the energy going all the way through his set, ending with “Love Tonight.” Adonix described his music style as “house/EDM, but I enjoy playing all genres, whichever gets the crowd and me moving!” Mirroring the sound of influencers such as RL Grime and Zeds Dead, Adonix rocked the crowd and left the night with plenty of new fans. Adonix’s entire discography can be found on Spotify @Adonix.

Second to perform was first-year economics major, Medha Sarkar, who entrapped the audience with her angelic voice. She played three covers including: “People Watching” by Conan Gray, “Feel Like S—” by Tate McRae and “Happier Than Ever” by Billie Eilish. The crowd sang along and even began to wave their flashlights with the rhythm. When asked to describe her talent, Sarkar said, “People have described my voice as being similar to Billie Eilish. I usually sing with a lighter, airy tone and pair it with acoustic guitar since it suits my voice best.” Influenced by the music of Taylor Swift and Troye Sivan, Medha wowed the crowd and left her mark on the outstanding night. 

The audience was brought to life with El Segundo’s vibrant display of talent. Third-year environmental science major, Daimyo performed four songs at Sound Clash, all of which had a dreamy, indie sound. “I make whatever music as long as I feel it truly represents me,” stated Daimyo. More specifically, he described his discography as ranging from hard indie to alternative rock and tacking heavy influence from his background as a second-generation Mexican American. Songs such as “Mischief/Green” and “SellOut” left the audience in awe, and most likely gained them a few new frequent listeners. El Segundo’s entire discography can be found on spotify @El Segundo

Next to take the stage was Jesica Verduzco, who serenaded the crowd with her guitar strums and drew them closer with every note sung. Performing in an indie-rock style, Verduzco kept the crowd mesmerized for her entire performance. 

The spectacular display of talent was closed out by Studies of the Starcross. The band wowed the crowd, ending the night with “Thanks for the Venom.” Studies of the Starcross is an “emo math” band, which is an unconventional form of rock drawn from hardcore punk and indie music. More information about the Studies of the Starcross can be found on their instagram @studiesofthestarcross

Many commenters expressed their enjoyment for all the music, and the intimate atmosphere of the concert. At the end of the beautiful night, Medha Sarkar was crowned victorious and the recipient of a paid performance slot for ASPB’s Spring Nooners. Overall, ASPB’s Sound Clash was a memorable night filled with amazing food, performances and people. I would definitely recommend everyone check out some of the memorable artists who performed.