With finals coming up, having a game plan when it comes to the tiring task of studying can be overwhelming itself. Everyone has their own methods that work best, and one thing is clear: there is no perfect way to study effectively because every student is different. Here are some study tips that might help with finals just around the corner. 

Get organized

Having a planner with all important final dates can really make a difference. Having your week planned out ahead gives you a chance to time in the week to study, without that overwhelming feeling. Make sure to plan breaks to prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed at the last minute. 

Try studying with friends

Having friends to study with can make studying feel more fun and productive. You can always ask classmates as well to meet up for an hour to study at a local coffee shop. Set up your computers and grab coffee or snacks, and have resources to help with material you might have trouble understanding. In the end, it holds you accountable because no one likes a friend who cancels at the last minute. 

Find a study spot right for you 

Some students work best in quiet places where they can focus with no distractions, while others work best with friends who are having music blasting consistently. There are plenty of places on campus that work for everyone. With the endless study rooms available at the campus library, or coffee shops that give you that energetic vibe, don’t forget to take advantage of these indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Don’t forget to take breaks 

While in the studying zone, we sometimes forget the importance of breaks. Taking breaks even as short as a 10-minute recharge can give you a boost of productivity that you might desperately need. Taking breaks from all the stress of studying gives you a less likely chance of burning out.