Courtesy of Harper's Bazaar
Courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar

We’ve all experienced recurring moments, and fashionable clothing definitely belongs on the comeback list. Like your drunk uncle at a holiday party, clothing trends always make an awkward reappearance and remind us to never throw anything away. From shoulder pads and bodysuits to those God-forsaken Crocs, here are ways to rock recent comeback trends from your great-great-grandparents’ days and keep them looking new.

Shoulder Pads: We all poke fun at archived footage of people wearing absurd shoulder pads courtesy of the rock ‘n’ roll 1980s. But alas, we must now hold our tongues because shoulder pads have recently come back into vogue with a nostalgic vengeance. No longer sullenly designed for the progressive woman, today’s shoulder pads are more edgy and structured than ever before. Demanding attention with their dramatic colors and overdone embellishments, both men and women can experience the power of a strong shoulder.

Bodysuits: Bodysuit-inspired clothing trends have been around for ages. From the 1970s jumpsuit to overalls of the 1990s and rompers of the early 21st century, bodysuits have gotten a much needed makeover this time around. Now available in both long and short sleeves, style your bodysuit as an outerwear piece. Men, try layering with a patterned collared shirt, or be bold and leave your chest bare. Ladies, decorate your ensemble with a colorful silk number underneath. You can also try adding a medium-sized belt around your waist for a unique look.

Crocs: What you wear on your feet can say a lot about you. Just like centuries prior, Crocs have unfortunately managed to find their way back onto the soles of clothing-confused Americans. Now, I’m not judging you (yes, I am), but the perfect phrase for Crocs would be “to each his own.” As in, no one should own these shoes. If you want your feet to garner the right amount of attention, try a pair of platform shoes. Otherwise known as creepers or tall tennies, these shoes let you honor the trends of earlier centuries without having to sacrifice your attitude.

The best of fashion always repeats itself over time. If you’re ever in a style rut, don’t be afraid to go through your parents’ clothing for some inspiration. While the majority of what you find may take you down memory lane, some of your closet finds could make headlines in the latest underground fashion shows. Remember, the beauty and tragedy of trendy clothing is that it repeats itself––so don’t throw away those yellow shirts quite yet.