As midterm season rolls around again, many of us are frantically preparing for our last few tests of the year. However, with the school year being over in just a few weeks, most of us are pretty tired and drained from the workload we’ve had all year. It’s hard enough to juggle our academics, social life and mental and physical health. Here are a few tips that will help you prepare for those upcoming midterms while also taking care of your well-being.

Manage your study and break time

Studying for long hours can be draining and sometimes difficult to retain the information you are reviewing. Take the time to plan out your study and break time throughout the day. Try breaking down your study time for a few hours and add in a 10 or 15 minute break every 30 minutes. Breaking down your study time and adding in these breaks will help you retain the information you review by giving your brain time to process the information. Grab a snack, stretch a bit or check your phone during these breaks! 

Don’t cram your study materials

A lot of us tend to cram all the study materials into one sitting. However, this method can be less effective as it’ll be harder for you to retain the information. Spending long hours just sitting in one place to relearn your class materials can be draining and can encourage procrastination. Try dividing your learning materials into sections or chapters throughout the week! After learning each section or chapter, review it the next day before moving on to the next chapter. Using this method can be incredibly helpful, especially for harder classes, such as math, biology or chemistry. 

Take care of your well-being

Although it’s important to study for these midterms whenever you have time, take a break every now and then and make some time for yourself! Go to the gym, make yourself a healthy meal, take a walk around campus, take a nap or work on your skin care routine. Not making time for your well-being can cause issues regarding your mental and physical health. Remember, your health comes first over anything!