Starbucks - Courtesy of UCR
Starbucks – Courtesy of UCR

Now that the seasons are rapidly changing, it’s time to try something new. What’s better than a new Starbucks drink to obsess over? Social media is running rampant with new Starbucks inventions everyday. With the abundance of a new variety, now’s the perfect time to shake things up a bit! As we approach the end of the quarter, go out and treat yourself to a new drink that will have finals week looking a little less bleak. 

You can never go wrong with matcha. It can be put into any drink and will only add to the flavors. One of the new drinks that seems to be buzzing all over social media is the iced matcha latte with salted caramel cold foam. If you’re a fan of matcha, you need to run and make this your next Starbucks drink order because you will not regret it! With that twist of salted caramel cold foam, you will be obsessed with that touch of caramel salty goodness. 

Don’t walk — run and order this new refresher that has been buzzing all over TikTok. Ask for a strawberry acai lemonade with six pumps of raspberry syrup and topped with passion tea. It is the perfect drink for these hot summer days that have visited us more frequently. What’s better in the summer than a nice refreshing strawberry lemonade? With this added twist, you will be addicted. It’s definitely a drink that I’ve added to my new favorites!

With finals just around the corner, the demand for caffeine will be at a high. This drink is made for college students who are studying the hours away. Order a blonde shaken espresso with white mocha and extra caramel drizzle. It’s a perfect mixture of sweetness and coffee without having that after taste of being overloaded with sugar. As college students, the need for caffeine is real, but it can also have that added sweetness that can turn any study session into a sweeter one.