Aries: The Chariot

This card is connected to the Lovers card, in that you are able to steer yourself in the direction of what you want. Perhaps you’ve been stewing in relationship drama lately or there’s someone you have been hiding your feelings from. Even if you don’t realize it, you have made a decision. Don’t be passive, your window is closing quickly.

Taurus: The Hermit

The Hermit can represent a mentor in your life, someone who has appeared to enhance your awareness. However, they are not here to just give you the answers, as annoying as that may be. It’s going to be a frustrating week because the answers will be addled with riddles. But this mentor will help you find your own answers.

Gemini: The Magician

It’s time to focus on a singular goal. There’s a number of things on your plate and your main aims have gotten lost. Look inward and decide on your main priority. This isn’t an emotional whim, so think logically and strategically. Think through initial emotions and base impressions.

Cancer: Temperance

You have some big decisions coming and a lot is resting on your shoulders. Maintain tranquility and don’t descend into frantic decision making. There are a lot of people in your ear with different ideas. The answer is to listen and make something new from the voices of others. You have the ability to find the balance between the people surrounding you, no one else.

Leo: Knight of Cups

You’ve been negative lately. You can’t control your emotions, so you’re allowing them to control you. It’s time to stop with the tortured mindset. There wouldn’t be a reason to be so moody if you would take action. Because you hold your feelings inside, the feelings of jealousy that have been guiding are of your own making. They’re not doing anyone any good locked away.

Virgo: Page of Swords

You’re exploring something new. It’s a new goal or new relationship or just a new perspective. You’re asking lots of questions and focusing on information gathering. There’s no harm in being introspective and exploring — in fact it’s just the right step for you. The things you are learning now will be vital down the road when problems arise.

Libra: The Moon

Things feel confusing, like everything means something different than it usually does. This uncertainty is influencing your life in ways that harm your long term happiness. You’re allowing your anxieties to permeate every corner of your life. Just because one area of your life is unsuccessful, doesn’t mean that applies elsewhere. Remember that.

Scorpio: The Lovers

Your relationship is incredibly strong right now as your connection deepens. Perhaps you have found someone who will be an important relationship that helps you grow or maybe they are going to be in your life long-term, or both! However, this isn’t a relationship you can take for granted. Give your partner attention, dedication, and room for growth. Relationships and friendships can fade when you’re not paying attention because you assume things will stay the same and stay strong.

Sagittarius: Two of Pentacles

You feel like every second of your time is taken up and you’re moving from place to place, priority to priority. Time management is something you normally struggle with, but with all your new commitments you haven’t been able to keep up. You feel guilty or off whenever you take a break, but it’s that lack of downtime that is making your life difficult. Your brain is working in overdrive and you need to slow down.

Capricorn: Wheel of Fortune

Capricorn, the Wheel of Fortune reminds you that life is incredibly fluid. Things are shifting unpredictably, but there’s one thing you can count on: What you put out there will come back to you. If you put out only negative energy, you should expect the same in your life. You have more control over your life than you think. Sure, unexpected things happen that might conflict with how you act in the world. But, if you only see in negative terms, you’re unlikely to find anything positive.

Aquarius: The Emperor

The Emperor indicates that you are focusing on rules. You are sticking to the prescribed regulations set to you by some entity. Maybe it is an institution, like a university, or individuals, like your parents. While rules have value, you can’t forget to push the boundaries. Improvise, even if you do it within bounds, and exercise your creative side. Breaking down problems and finding stillness within absolute chaos is done with a combination of understanding rules and knowing when to go beyond them.

Pisces: Nine of Pentacles

The woman living in luxury pictured on this card taunts the average college student with her wealth and comfort as you sit in your tiny dorm with three other people eating ramen. The Nine of Pentacles wishes good fortune on you, but that does you a fat lot of nothing. You need to be just as independent as the rich woman and have patience to achieve a similar level of comfort. Outside forces impact your future, but without your own involvement and initiative, opportunities mean nothing.