UC Flu Executive Order mandates that all students receive their flu vaccine by Nov. 19

Vaccine Request – Courtesy of Stan Lim via UCR

On Oct. 8, 2021 the UC issued a systemwide executive order requiring all students, faculty and staff to have their flu vaccine or opt out using a form given by their location on or before Nov. 19, 2021. This order comes as a response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the possibility of flu season overlapping with it. 

In an interview with UCR Student Health’s immunization and compliance coordinator Deborah Sellas, she states, “All UCR admitted and active students received a secure message in their patient portal on the morning of Nov. 8, 2021 regarding the UC 21-22 Flu Executive Order with instructions on how to comply.” Furthermore, she explained that on the following day, all admitted and active students received an email by the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Brian L. Haynes, PH.D., containing tutorials and video instructions on how students can comply. 

While the UC Flu Executive Order does not allow for registration holds for the flu vaccine, students will still be unable to attend campus after Nov. 19, 2021 unless they have complied. 

According to Sellas, the UC 21-22 Flu Executive Order includes a declination form found in the student patient portal which shows what a student must do on campus in the event that they opt-out of the vaccine. The form must be completed and submitted to the portal.

“Once the form is submitted the student will be considered temporarily compliant from the day of submission. Staff will review and update the chart for the declination exemption that expires on May 31, 2022.”

Student Health Services offers the flu vaccine by appointment. Students with UCSHIP can receive the vaccination at no cost, while non UCSHIP students receive a $30 bill to their student account if they choose to get vaccinated through the school. Otherwise, local pharmacies and community health centers also offer the flu vaccine. 

“Each student is responsible for logging in to their patient portal and entering the date of their 21-22 flu vaccine and uploading their immunization record in their medical clearances under ‘immunization record’.”

To schedule a vaccination appointment with Student Health Services, students can call (951)-827-3031 and select option two during business hours.